“When we talk about kindness the first name that comes to my mind is Sonu Sood”: Jyoti Saxena

Kindness is the act that can change the perspective of any person. Bollywood budding actress Jyoti Saxena who is soon going to make her Bollywood debut shares her share of experience of the act of kindness. Jyoti Saxena has already left a mark in the industry with her amazing performance in the song “Khoya Hun Main” which received a lot of appreciation for the actress from the audience. The actress Jyoti Saxena is also a trained classical dancer with an expertise in ‘Jaipur Gharana Jyoti Saxena has always dreamed of being an actress since she was a child.

Pandemic was a time for the which was difficult for everyone. An in the time of difficulty everyone was helping each other. Jyoti Saxena also shared her experience of being helped by a kind person, the actress said, ” When we talk about kindness the first name that comes to my mind is Sonu. It was very unfortunate that one night my mom was feeling breathless and we had to rush to a nearby hospital but we couldn’t get an ICU, that’s the time when Sonu came into the picture and organized an ICU for mom. By God’s grace, everything was taken care of and my mom was back home healthy and strong. I appreciate his help. He is an angel friend in my life.”

Jyoti Saxena further said, “I still remember the day when I met Sonu Sood for the first time years ago and we connected instantly as friends. Our friendship has grown day by day. People must have seen his kindness and ready-to-help gesture today but I have seen that a long time back.”

Currently, on the work front, We see how Jyoti Saxena is working really hard to get into the skin of the character as she will be doing high-octane action sequences in the film. Jyoti Saxena has many more exciting projects under the pipeline which will be announced soon, stay tuned for more updates on her upcoming projects and her debut movie as a lead.


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