Shusmita Sen responds to the label of “gold digger” given to her.

Finally, actress Sushmita Sen addressed the accusations of being a “gold digger” while dating powerful businessman Lalit Modi.

The former Miss Universe shared her opinions on the subject in a conversation with a media outlet, saying, “It’s wonderful that those words came to me and I could describe what a ‘gold digger’ actually is. I don’t allow insults to influence me, thus they don’t have any impact on me. However, there are some areas of my life that are private.”

The actress also clarified her relationship status as “single,” adding that certain individuals around her did not want her to reply to the negative comments. She replied, “It’s my business, and I’ll reply when I want to.”

Sushmita Sen responded to the haters who labeled her a “gold digger” last year in a lengthy Instagram post. The post’s snippet stated, “I dig deeper than gold…and I’ve always (famously) liked diamonds!! And sure, I continue to buy them myself. Sushmita said, “The so-called intellectuals with their quirks…the illiterate with their cheap & occasionally humorous chatter. The acquaintances I’ve never met and the friends I’ve never had, all offering their lofty judgments and profound understanding of my life and character, are relentlessly capitalizing on the moniker “Gold Digger”! Ah, these geniuses.

She is now getting ready for the premiere of her next movie “Taali,” in which she portrays transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. It will start streaming on Jio Cinema on August 15 and was directed by Ravi Jadhav.


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