Review: Bawaal, Is Varun and Janhvi’s Movie Boring?

Recently released movie Bawaal starring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor was promoted saying that it talked about love and about the war that goes on in a person’s life and much more. And the movie does showcase a somewhat similar scenario, but not to the level we expected.

The movie starts with Ajju Bhai (Varun Dhawan) just going on in his life bluffing and boasting about things he has probably never achieved. He even marries a ‘rich’ girl Nisha (Janhvi Kapoor), but the moment he learns about her health condition, he starts treating her insignificantly. The rude ways in which he behaves with her seem very dragged, but even after that, Nisha somehow hoped that Ajju would change, which was idiotic at first. And then they go off to Europe, not for a trip but because of a very petty reason.

Although the storyline made little sense, the exotic locations showcased in the film do draw attention. The movies seems to actually tell you a lot about The World War than love. There’s hardly any chemistry between Varun and Janhvi that could keep viewers glued. The film sadly feels stretched and boring. But well, if you are a Varun Dhawan or Janhvi fan, one time watch is what ‘Bawaal’ deserves. A lot was expected from the Dangal fame director Nitesh Tiwari. In that sense, Bawaal disappoints.

Rating- 1.5/5


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