Rakhi Sawant’s Ex-Husband Reappears, Calls Her A Characterless Woman

Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband, has resurfaced in the spotlight after a long absence following their acrimonious divorce. He informed the photographers who spotted him yesterday that he will soon reveal the complete truth.

The reason for their split from Rakhi’s side was that Adil used to abuse her and force her to convert to Islam. In fact, she said he took jewelry and money from her. It has been problematic for Adil over the last few months since Rakhi later filed a formal complaint against him. Shortly thereafter, the police detained him.

Adil exposed Rakhi Sawant by disclosing some harsh truths while conversing with Bollywood Bubbles.

He revealed Rakhi’s involvement with Ritesh Singh, her ex-husband, to whom she had previously been married but never filed for divorce.He disclosed that he had overheard Rakhi speaking to Ritesh in which she admitted to staying with him and even sharing intimate moments. She also confessed to Ritesh that she was sorry she wed Adil.

Adil said that Ritesh even regularly sent her money. He also stated that he is 19 years Rakhi’s junior. In order to pay for her mother’s medical care, Rakhi had committed several thefts, he claimed. She used to collect donations every month.

Referring to Rakhi’s fictitious pregnancy, he claimed that Rakhi is sterile since she had to have her uterus removed for medical reasons and is hence unable to get pregnant.
He then said, in a startling disclosure, that Rakhi had created his naked videos over a video conference between them.

Additionally, he said that she falsely accused him of rape. She forced an Iranian girl to file a bogus rape accusation against him. She allegedly coerced the girl into doing this by offering her a significant sum of money—Rs 50 lakhs.

He also claimed that it was Rakhi who had abused him. He additionally stated that he gave Rakhi a number of expensive presents, including a diamond ring, a BMW, and designer clothing from Gucci, Prada, and other well-known labels.

He referred to Rakhi Sawant as a characterless lady and added that everyone should be cautious around people like her since his family has suffered terribly.


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