Jaya Prada Receives A 6-Month Sentence In Jail Along With Her Accomplices.

Jaya Prada, a Famous and prominent actress of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s has received a 6-month prison term and a 5000 rupee fine in a case that extends back years, impacting not just Jaya but also her associates Ramkumar and Raja Babu. Jaya has appeared in more than 300 films in her over 30 years of profession.

Jaya was the proprietor of a theatre in Chennai which was ultimately shut down due to some issues. When theater employees complained that their ESI payments were not being forwarded correctly, distress occurred because the payments from the identified ESI were not remitted to the government insurance organization.

The Labour Government Insurance Corporation then filed a lawsuit against Jaya Prada and her companions at the Egmore Magistrate Court in Chennai. According to reports, Jaya reportedly admitted to the allegations against her and promised to pay the long-overdue debts.

She also appealed for the case to be dropped, but the court rejected her argument, therefore the punishment and current term were put into effect.


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