Dhanteras 2019

Dhanteras 2019: When is Dhanteras? Learn the right method of worship and auspicious time

Dhanteras festival is coming. The five festival of Diwali begins with Dhanteras. On the day of Dhan Teres, Kuber, the secretary of Mahalakshmi, is worshiped. With the blessing of Kubera, huge wealth can be stored in the house. Many measures are also taken to worship them on the day of Dhanteras. On the evening of Dhanteras, a lamp named Yama is also lit to wish the family well.

On Dhanteras, it is of great importance to buy utensils made of various metals, gold and silver. Buying metal items on this day is considered auspicious. There are beliefs that if shopping is done on Dhanteras during the day or in the evening, then all the wishes can be fulfilled.

Why is Dhanteras celebrated? –

Dhanteras is celebrated on Kartik Krishna Trayodashi. It is believed that on this day during the churning of the ocean, Dhanvantari appeared with the urn of nectar. Since then, this day was celebrated as Dhanteras. According to religious beliefs, Maa Lakshmi appeared just two days after the appearance of Dhanvantari. This is the reason that Dhanteras is celebrated every day, two days before Diwali.

On this day, Dhanvantari Dev is worshiped for health protection. This day is also considered as the day of Kuber and Kubera is worshiped for wealth.

Dhanteras Puja auspicious time-

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta – 07.08 pm to 8.14 pm

Duration – 1 hour 06 minutes

Pradosh period – 5.39 pm to 8.14 pm

How to worship on Dhanteras?

On the evening of Dhanteras, Kubera and Dhanwantari should be established towards the north. One should light a lamp of ghee in front of both of them. Offering white sweets to Kuber and yellow sweets to Dhanvantari on the day of Dhanteras is also considered auspicious. On this day, first of all chant “Om Hin Kuberai Namah”. After this, reciting “Dhanvantari Stotra” is very beneficial.

After worship, install Kuber at the place of wealth and Dhanvantari at the place of worship on Deepawali.

Which measures will be beneficial?

Dhanvantari should be worshiped on the day of Dhanteras. Also, they should be worshiped by buying new brooms and lumps. On this day, lighting a lamp in the evening and decorating the house, shop etc. proves fruitful. On this day people also place lamps in temples, goshala, river ghats, wells, ponds, gardens.

What to buy on the day of Dhanteras?

  • Metal vessel, if it is a vessel of water, it will be better.

Buy Kheel Batashe and earthen lamp, a big lamp too.

If you want, you can also buy any instrument made of money made of digits.

  • It is considered auspicious to buy home-made new utensils and ornaments like copper, brass, silver.

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