10 looks of Sahil Salathia that broke the fashion stereotypes

Fashion is all about comfort and confidence, but still there are certain norms and criterias that people judge it by. Breaking those norms requires lots of courage and Sahil Salathia has been doing that quite efficiently. The actor’s fashion choices have been very gender fluid, and even getting trolled hasn’t stopped Sahil from experimenting with his looks. His passion towards his styling has made him a young fashion icon in the country. While all of his looks have something to talk about, here are the top 10 looks of Sahil that broke fashion stereotypes:

Who says pink is a feminine colour? The way Sahil rocks it just makes it seem like it is hand-picked for him only.

Wearing a skirt is something many men would refrain from, but Sahil does it so elegantly and it doesn’t take away from his masculinity at all.

The myth is that jewelry is for women, but Sahil breaks that myth by sporting this beautiful neck piece and making it look uber stylish.

Rocking a corset is not something everyone can do, but Sahil looks like a true rockstar wearing it.

Long capes aren’t just for women, Sahil proves that with this outfit and he looks royal with the grandeur that this look presents.

Halloween costumes don’t just have to be creative, they can be inspiring too. The crown on his head, the heavy rings and the neckpiece make this look amazingly different.

The confidence with which Sahil carries these sleeve extensions, makes them feel like a natural part of the outfit. Who could’ve thought that casual wear could be so funky.

Sahil has quite a successful relationship with gorgeous neck pieces and this look is just an addition to it. While his chiseled physique is a bit distracting, the whole look is extraordinary.

The love saga between Sahil and neck pieces continues, and this one just takes it to another level. Path-breaking indeed!

Show us a man who can carry such a huge neon coloured fur overcoat looking this glamorous. Sahil truly creates his own milestones and just crosses them himself with something even greater.


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