Interview: Yes, I have faced Casting couch says Actress Ananya Raj

Young and talented actor Ananya Raj started working when she was just 18. Since then her work has been appreciated in many Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood industries.

Q1. Were the challenges the same as a teen actor and now as an adult actor? Have they simplified or grown?

-Yes, about the people not about the projects. I’m still competing to bag with projects but when it comes to meeting people, i remember when I started when I was 18 or 19 I would meet everybody. A lot of different kind of people who would waste my time and who would actually not be from the industry but would pretend to be from it, just because you know they would want to meet girls and entertain themselves. But I met other people too who actually wanted projects but they were not able to because they were also starting out. But i think a lot of outsiders go through that. But now I can see through people. So I think dealing with people is different now.

Q2. So you have faced Casting Couch?

-Yes i have. People have spoken to me in that manner, they have tested me. I have met a lot of creepy people and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. Luckily I grew up in Bombay and my mom was with me, so i was not in a rush. Some people just go about that but i wasn’t a desperate person so I did not fall into that. But yes other people have accepted those too.

Q3. What was the take of your family on you wanting to become an actor and leave your degree for a few months?

So I’ll tell you my back story, actually my mom wanted to be an actor. When she moved to Mumbai in ’98, I was 2 years old and she wanted to become someone from the entertainment industry. She convinced my dad to move here, and she has also played a few roles in serials. So when it comes to acting, she was more passionate than me and obviously always supportive. But when it came to my relatives, they wanted me to act in serials because for them those actors are more famous because a lot of people watch serials. So yeah.

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