SRK’s ‘Jawan’ Passes the U/A Certificate. Here are All the Changes…

After Pathan’s massive success, Shah Rukh Khan is set for his next movie, Jawan. And the good part is that CBFC has passed the U/A certificate for it too, unlike what they did for Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2. There were of course many scenes which had to be cut or modified in the film as well.

Some of them being- the suicide visuals, which were cut down because apparently it was too much for the audience to watch. Then the disturbing visuals of the beheaded body had to be removed. A few references had to be changed like that of the President of India to ‘Head of state’ and of NSG (National Security Guard) to IISG.

Not just that, even some words had to be modified, like ‘Ungaki karna’ to ‘Usse use karo’ , from ‘Paida hoke’ to ‘Tab tak beta vote daalne…’ and another dialogue was replaced with ‘Bravery medal’ and so on. But if we compare the cut list of Jawan to that of Pathan, it is surely lesser.

Jawan will be 2 hours 49 mins. long and will release on 7 September 2023.


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