Shine Pandey is filled with joy as he takes his first steps into the world of web series with the show UP65.

Actor Shine Pandey is currently basking in the glory of his debut web series, “UP65,” which is based on the Hindi novel of the same name by Nikhil Sachan. Directed by Gaganjeet Singh, the series premiered on June 8th on Jio Cinema, with Shine Pandey essaying the role of the main protagonist.

In a candid conversation, Shine Pandey expresses his delight over the positive responses he has been receiving from viewers. He shares, “The feedback has been pretty good! People are genuinely loving it. I’ve been receiving random messages from individuals expressing their admiration for the show and my character. Each day, after the release of every episode, I receive wonderful responses, and it truly makes me happy.”

Reflecting on his newfound success, Shine adds, “It feels like a dream. I never imagined this happening, so it’s truly amazing. When I watch myself on screen, it feels like I’m watching a different person, someone I’m following. But this experience only reinforces my belief in myself.”

Shine also talks about the inclusion of the Bhojpuri smash hit “Lollipop Lagelu” being recreated in the series. He states, “The music in our show has taken everything to a new level. Each scene is enhanced by the beautiful background music. From the very beginning, I found the rock version of ‘Lollipop Lagelu’ to be very cool. Moreover, it’s rare for shows to have a dedicated song, so we’re incredibly grateful to have such a sensational one.”

Looking towards the future, Shine reveals his aspirations, saying, “I’m seeking something entirely different from the character I recently portrayed. I yearn for a role that is out of the box and challenging, one that audiences will love to watch.”


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