Review: ‘Jagged Mind’ keeps you hooked

‘Jagged Mind’ is a dark horror movie which revolves around a girl named Billy who struggles with her memory as she finds it difficult to remember things which she blames on her mother as she thinks it’s hereditary. Another problem she deals with is nightmares of herself getting killed.

At first, she’s with a girl named Christine, but then they break up and she finds a new partner who’s perfect for her, or probably way too perfect, and that’s what the problem is. Then she starts collecting clues as she doubts the whole situation and here’s when the story takes a wild turn. You wouldn’t expect supernatural elements to intervene in it, but that’s what happens.

The movie’s direction, the dialogues and the LGBTQ+ element put in it look amazing. The characterization has been handled skillfully and impresses. The story isn’t dragged all the way, it’s short and complete. There isn’t much of music in it, but well, the need for music isn’t felt throughout.
The movie is worth watching.

Rating- 3/5


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