Prime Video unveils an intriguing teaser from Breathe: Into the Shadows Season 2; J has returned, this time twice more powerful and vengeful

What is J’s next move? Ever since Prime Video released the thrilling trailer of Amazon Original Breathe: Into the Shadows Season 2, this question has left viewers with sleepless nights. Taking the curiosity quotient a notch higher, Prime Video dropped a gripping video today featuring Abhishek A Bachchan as Avinash and his remorseless alter-ego J. The character video gives a haunting sneak peek on what J is upto this time.

While Season 1 witnessed Avinash going to extreme ends to save his family, Season 2 promises to be twice as dreadful as J has returned to complete his unfinished business of ending the lives of the remaining 6 victims who are unaware about what is coming for them. To avenge himself, J has taken over Avinash and the whole city. Will Avinash be able to control J’s action or will he give in? Only time will tell. What will Avinash do? Find out on November 9, exclusively on Prime Video.

J’s Teaser link:


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