‘I was dyslexic as a child…Thappad padte the, duffer hai…’- Sunny Deol opens up

In a recent interview with popular YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia, Sunny Deol stated- “I was dyslexic as a child. Back then, we didn’t even know what that meant! Thappad padte the, duffer hai, padhai nahi aati (I would get slapped, called duffer for not being able to study). Even now when it comes to reading, sometimes the words seem all jumbled up”

The Gadar 2 star Sunny Deol and his team are busy enjoying the massive success of the movie. This Anil Sharma directorial marked Deol’s comeback into the industry, with a box office collection of ₹400 crore, making the movie the second most successful one for the year 2023, after SRK’S Pathan.

In addition, he also stated that when people would ask him to use a teleprompter in a public gathering, he would refuse, “I am like, ‘You tell me what to say, I will try to say it.”He even shares- “Me being dyslexic never came up in conversation over the years. But it used to get difficult, initially I would feel (nervous) to speak.”


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