The statement made by Ali Fazal regarding his decision not to being a part in ‘Fukrey 3’

So Zafar aayega ya nahi? Sab yahi puch rahe hain baar baar,sorry saathiyon, iss baari nahi! Zafar bhai ko kabhi kabhi Guddu bhaiya bhi banna padhta hai. Aur do universes overlap ho jaate hain kabhi kabhi. Once a fukra always a fukra so i am around.

I am sorry, but I will not be appearing on screen in the third movie for the Fukras, Bholi, and Panditji! Despite my desire to participate in this project, time and schedules did not allow me to. It is likely that I will come back in the future, perhaps sooner than you expect. Zafar is going to return to entertain you guys after a short detour.


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