Godfather  Review – Storyline, Background Store and Chiranjeevi  impress his fans

The film “Godfather” remake of malyalam film lucifier , casting mega star Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana and Salman Khan is also in a guest appearance. The director is aware that the source material, Malayalam film Lucifer starring Mohan Lal, was an unabashed fanboy tribute to the star by actor-director Prithviraj Sukumaran. Mohan Raja takes the broad outline of Lucifer along with some of its key portions and does a fanboy tribute to Chiranjeevi.

 The broad storyline involves clashes between Brahma and Jaidev and the story brings in a handful of other characters whose loyalties are not what they seem to be. These characters played by Sunil, Shafi and Brahmaji keep the proceedings interesting. Other characters include Puri Jagannadh, an investigative journalist and Anasuya a television news editor, both trying to stay on the right side of the moral compass.

To Mohan Raja’s credit, he knows the strength of the original story but is also aware that the superhit Malayalam film that has been widely viewed needs to be presented fresh, rather than a frame-to-frame reproduction. He does away with one of the key characters from the original film, played by Tovino Thomas. This gives the story more room for Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara and Satyadev.

Godfather entertains in parts when the political intrigue leads to cat and mouse games. It had the potential to be a gripping political drama but ends up as one of those films that can be enjoyed only when you do not expect much from it. 


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