Following Ganpati celebrations, actress Saiyami Kher joins forces with an NGO for a beach clean-up drive.

Saiyami Kher, a well-known actress, is in charge of planning a post-Visarjan beach clean-up drive at Juhu Beach, which is a significant initiative focused on protecting Mumbai’s natural beauty and environment. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the committed volunteers from the Bhamla Foundation, who are renowned for their unwavering efforts in environmental conservation.

Mumbai’s beaches experience a significant influx of devotees and revelers during the festive season which results in massive dirt along the beaches. To solve this problem and give back to the community where she lives, Saiyami Kher has taken it upon herself to lead this cleanliness drive.

Saiyami Kher delivered an inspiring speech to all Mumbaikars, stressing the significance of environmental stewardship. She said, “, “Bappa will certainly not like seeing our beaches filled with litter post the festivities. I have worked with afroz Shah who has been doing incredible work for the last 7 years. I was very happy to join the Bhamla Foundation this time.  Our devotion should extend to preserving the beauty of our city and its beaches. Let us join hands in this noble cause to keep our shores clean and thriving. We must honor our traditions and culture while also respecting the need to save the environment.”

Saiyami Kher urged all volunteers and concerned individuals to take part in the beach clean-up effort at Juhu Beach, which is set to begin at 7 a.m. on September 29.


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