Dev Anand B'day Special

Dev Anand B’day Special: Dev Anand had to sell his Precious thing to live in Mumbai

Dev Anand Birthday Special: Dev Anand (Dev Anand), known as the Evergreen actor of Bollywood, was born on September 26, 1923. Dev Anand’s first film was released in 1946. Dev Saheb’s life has been very struggle.

Devananda decided that if he had to do a job then why not try his luck in the film industry. In 1943, when he reached Mumbai to make his dreams come true, he had only 30 rupees and there was no place to stay. Devanand reached here and rented a room in a cheap hotel near the railway station. Three other people also lived with him in that room who, like Devanand, were struggling to establish their identity in the film industry.

Dev Anand started his film career from the 1945 film Hum Ek Hain and never looked back. He made his mark apart from the legendary actors Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar of that era and established himself in the cinema world as a romantic hero, whose character and style were all crazy.


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