Anshuman Jha will be performing some elaborate stunts in his next combat action film titled ‘Lakadbaggha’

Anshuman Jha will be seen performing some elaborate stunts in his next hand-to-hand combat action film titled ‘Lakadbaggha’. Anshuman has trained with Tsahi Shemesh who has also trained the lead cast of the Marvel franchise ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’ Both these Avengers and Anshuman share a common trainer and it will be exciting to see some power-packed stunts on screen. ‘Tsahi is an incredible trainer and a self-defense expert who brings forth the best in you. He pushes you, insults you (lovingly) & is one of the best people I have met in my life” says Anshuman.

The film requires intense training and preparation and Anshuman began working with Vicky Arora in July, following which in August he trained with Tsahi in New York to understand the craft of Krav Maga. Says Victor Mukherjee “The action sequences are tricky & we needed a physically fit actor who can ace action. Anshuman just didn’t want to learn screen action but is aiming to be at his physical best in reality. His self-belief, dedication, and right guidance will hopefully yield the desired results.” Written by Alok Sharma and to be directed by Victor Mukherjee, the film is set in East Kolkata, Chinatown, and will go on the floors in December 2021. Lakadbaggha will have Anshuman Jha as the protagonist and will revolve around illegal animal trading.

Jha who is currently working with Prashant Sawant on his body transformation says, “Working with all these gurus is an exhilarating experience & learning about my own body and its limits is new for me. Tsahi is a great teacher who motivates you and helps you be your finest version. We are getting there, and I am taking baby steps with the best in the business towards being the best I can be for the film in the time that I have. I hope that our hard work pays off and the audience is entertained with the kind of action choreography we are planning to bring on-screen.”


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