TikTok Top 5 Viral Videos

  1. When the lion came to hunt, the deer did something like this: This video is being liked very much on Tiktok. A lion runs for deer hunting. But as soon as the deer sees it, he starts running. He makes the lion run and weary so much that the lion stops and the deer runs away running.

Even the best hunter may sometimes be truly despised😹

♬ original sound – Link – Mike Gleason
  1. Nancy Momoland dominated at Tiktok: Nancy Momoland is being well liked at Tiktok. Every video of him is getting million views. Let me tell you, Nancy Momoland is an American-South Korean singer. People love his cuteness a lot.
  1. The girl quickly made sesame seeds: Til ladoos are eaten on Makar Sakranti. On this occasion, the girl made sesame seeds with a brilliant trick. This video is going viral on social media.
  1. Uncle played the conch and the dog also started screaming: This funny video is also covered in TikTok. As soon as Uncle rang the conch, the dog standing nearby shouted.
  1. Wife was giving work but husband was busy on mobile and then: wife was giving work to husband, but he was so busy on mobile that he did not work. The wife got angry and tapped her phone in the face.

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