Interview: Nowadays youngsters like latino, hip-hop and punjabi music says Rapper Anurag Singh

What drew you to rap music, and when did it all start?
I used to write before and used to share it with different artists. In 2018 one of my friends who is a known singer in Punjab the industry they were shooting here in Dubai we were just talking about it he asked me to come over. He proposed that I should employ him for the shoot because they were having trouble shooting a section of the MH 1 music channel project while we were still writing about it. This is how it all began.

What was your parents’ response when did they learn about your rapping career? 
Were they supportive?

They always liked and supported everything I did, and they were never against it.

What differentiates you from other rappers in terms of your rapping style?
I never got into being an underground rapper; either I was working behind the scenes or I just jumped right into the big stream. I tend to mix everything, being both subjective and free-flowing.

What message do you hope to get across to your audience?
The music which we produce specially targeted the clubs where all our young crowd goes as we see in India we have 60% of the youth so, the music should relate to those people because nowadays youngsters like all hip-hop, Latino and Punjabi music so we thought of mixing this to make something lyrical and catchy………

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