Social currency: the unpacking of reality

It’s not only about the online Instagram followers when it comes to the reality show Social Currency, which challenges eight influencers against one another in a race to maintain their position of influence while showcasing their true skills.

Your beloved figures in this show must complete numerous tasks and prevail to survive. Each task winner will receive a cash prize that they can use to purchase anything they choose; however, nothing is provided for free, not even the villa, the room, or the food. They are forced to start from scratch, without access to their Instagram handles, phones, or money, and each participant is treated equally. The only thing which can save them is their ability to influence others, creativity, and authentic selves.

This show has chosen incredibly talented influencers like Bhavin the People Pleasure, Rowhi the Jolly Baby, Sakshi the Rebel, Ruhi the Gallant Lady, Aakash Hansi ka Pitara, Parth the Hotness, Mridul the Gym Freak and Vagmita the Writer Saheba.

You’ll witness the conspiracy, the betrayal, the bonding, but mostly a lot of drama, all at once. You will have the opportunity to view the authenticity and falsity of your favorite influencer unboxed.



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