Silvina Luna, An Argentine Model, Dies After A Plastic Surgery Mishap.

Silvina Luna, an Argentine model and performer, died on Thursday in Buenos Aires following a protracted struggle with complications from cosmetic surgery. After having cosmetic surgery in 2011, Silvina was dealing with kidney failure and other health problems.

The surgery was reportedly performed barely two weeks before the 43-year-old Luna’s demise. However, the procedure went wrong, resulting in serious medical issues like renal failure. Luna was finally recovered by medical intervention, but the terrible effects of the operation claimed her life.

2015 saw Luna receiving medical care for kidney stones. According to a story by The Daily Mail, she was put on weekly dialysis treatments until she could have a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with renal insufficiency and hypercalcemia by medical professionals.

After her family removed her from life support on learning that Silvina would need to be re-intubated, her lawyer, Fernando Burlando, announced that she had passed away.

Gustavo Conti, a close friend of Silvina, paid tribute to her on her social media page, “We’ve always loved you; we’ll always love you; we’ve gone down the same roads; we’re always together in my heart because you are my chosen family.”


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