Lord Puneet Desires To Marry And Have Children With Kangana Ranaut!

The social media sensation Puneet superstar aka Lord Puneet, who began with Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 and was booted out on the first day owing to his outrageous behavior, has now entered Kangana Ranaut’s program Lock Upp 2.

Prakash Kumar verified his participation via a live session on the Eloelo app, as the influencer’s Instagram account was deactivated.

Puneet revealed his role in Lock Upp 2 when conversing with a presenter, despite the producer’s plea for him to keep it a secret.

In the video, the influencer discloses what he would do once he enters the prison. “As soon as I meet Kangana ji, I will first say that I love you very much and that you love me very much, after which we will fall in love and then get married.”

He also discussed his future goals with Kangana Ranaut. “Kangana ji, you and I share a deep love for one another. Then there will be love, marriage, and two small children.”

When the host asked him about his former work, Bigg Boss OTT 2, he didn’t seem very keen on discussing it. Puneet has been making headlines regularly after quitting “Bigg Boss OTT 2” as a result of his outrageous statements and amusing videos.

The people enjoyed Kangana Ranaut’s controversial TV show “Lockup Season 1.” There is currently no updated information available about this show. No official statement has been made by Lockup’s creators about Puneet Superstar as of now.


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