It appeared at IIFM that Karan Johar and Kartik Aaryan are now on friendly terms.

There were rumors that Kartik Aaryan and filmmaker Karan Johar were at odds after the actor left Dostana 2. However, during the prestigious Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Kartik Aaryan and Karan Johar experienced a unique moment of friendship. Kartik Aaryan receiving the highly anticipated title of Rising Indian Global Superstar made the event extra memorable. Fans were pleasantly pleased by the developing relationship between the two celebrities.

One of the event’s highlights, which attracted attention from all sides, was the reunion of Karan Johar and Kartik Aaryan. A close scene caught on camera saw Karan Johar jokingly suggesting that the young, vibrant actor would be ready to be married before the end of 2023. His conversation was lighthearted, and he even mentioned the prospect of a lavish wedding ceremony, which thrilled their followers.

According to reports, Karan Johar suffered considerable financial losses, estimated at roughly Rs 20 crores, as a result of the film “Dostana 2,” which included Kartik, having difficulties and ultimately meeting the tragic fate of being canceled.

Kartik previously replied, “I have not spoken about this yet,” when questioned about ‘Dostana 2’ on Aap Ki Adalat. He did so by alluding to Johar and their falling out. “I think, and it is my etiquette, that anytime there is a schism between an elder and a younger person, the younger person should not say anything.”


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