‘I’m not going as an actor, I’m going as an athlete..’- Amit Sadh

Today, that is, on 29 August, Amit Sadh reached Delhi after completing 4 days of his trip, starting from Mumbai and which will end in Leh. A press conference was conducted in the Press Club of India, where he reached at 3:30 p.m.

When asked the question of why he chose to go on this long bike ride, which would take him days to reach his destination, he answered that he could’ve sat on his terrace or he could’ve been with the people and his pets as he usually does, but he chose to listen to his passionate drive which told him that he had to experience this adventure. He went on saying that he saw kids, villagers, city people and animals and much more on his trip. He remembered his father too, and stated that as a child he used to have a fear of mountains, but his father always told him that the efforts he’d put to overcome his fear would lead him to learn a lot in his life.

Then, the message he wanted to give the media and his audience was that he isn’t going on his trip as an actor, he is going as an athlete. This trip is a message to himself and also to inspire himself that he needs to keep himself on the right track. He loves biking, adventure, sport and after COVID-19 happened, he couldn’t get a chance for a long bike ride. So, his team advised him to share this beautiful trip with his fans and the media, and it took him 2 days to decide that yes, he’ll be doing that.

He also concluded stating that passion should help all of us grow. Acting is his career which helps him earn money, but he has other passions too. So, he can’t stop living his life.


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