Ayushmann Khurrana said, “I can’t wait for people to hear my brand-new single Raatan Kaaliyan”

Ayushmann Khurrana, a Bollywood star, is a unique creative force. He is one of the few actor-artists India has ever produced, as well as a well-known actor and singer.

Paani Da Rang, Saadi Galli Aaja, Mitti Di Khushboo, Yahin Hoon Main, and Chan Kitthan are just a few of the numerous hit songs he has to his name. He wants to add one more song to his repertoire of chart-topping hits. Ayushmann announces today on World Music Day that his new song Raatan Kaaliyan will be released on July 4th!

As an actor and artist, Ayushmann declares, “I will keep doing this as it feeds my creative needs! I can tell you that I experience an adrenaline rush when I get to be a part of new music, just as I do when I get to be a part of good, innovative, disruptive films as an actor. Purity and originality have always been important to me, and I believe I am both. I consider myself lucky to have these talents. I’m glad for this ability because it makes me feel truly alive when I am entertaining others, whether it be on TV, live on stage, or when they are jamming to my music.

“I am looking forward to dropping my new single Raatan Kaaliyan with T Series next month along with my dear friend-composer & long-time creative collaborator Rochak Kohli,” the singer continues. I hope the new tone it offers is well received by the public. I hope that this also becomes a chart-topper because we have always been able to produce hit songs. Thank goodness, the people who have heard Raatan Kaaliyan have shown me a lot of appreciation! I’m interested in their feedback on the new song, and I hope the sneak peek gave them a sense of what’s to come.


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