Abhishek Golecha’s “Unique is Beautiful” platform For Specially Abled Humans helps Redefine Beauty

The world right now obsesses over conventional beauty standards. There are people getting surgeries done, lip fillers, Botox and what not to look ‘perfect’ and are still not satisfied. Amongst all this, it only takes a visionary artist to challenge the norms and redefine the concept of beauty. Abhishek Golecha is one such person making remarkable changes in the fashion industry with his groundbreaking campaign called ‘UIB India’ i.e., “Unique is Beautiful.” It started as a campaign and eventually became a platform for especially abled people and it aims to promote special talents, including those of individuals with special needs or autism, as the faces of renowned brands like McDonald’s, H&M, Kay Beauty, and many more. Abhishek Golecha, by giving them a platform to shine, is transforming the perception of beauty in India.

Abhishek Golecha has always believed in the power of diversity and inclusion. Through this ‘Unique is Beautiful’ platform, he’s letting the fashion industry come out of the narrow definition of beauty, which excludes those who do not fit into the predefined standards. Abhishek’s revolutionary vision is helping everyone celebrate their uniqueness and embrace the beauty found in our differences.

Abhishek Golecha states, “My platform, Unique Is Beautiful aims to shed light on specially-abled talents, particularly those with special needs or autism. With this platform, we have bigger goals to change the perception of beauty. To get those hidden talents hiding inside the house an opportunity to show their talent as a model or an actor. By collaborating with renowned brands, I provide them with a platform for exceptional individuals to showcase their abilities and challenge societal stereotypes. “Unique Is Beautiful” creates a positive and inclusive environment where everyone can appreciate the talents and beauty that exist beyond the conventional norms.”

“One of the remarkable aspects of the Unique is Beautiful platform is the involvement of well-known brands. We have successfully partnered with brands like McDonald’s, H&M, Kay Beauty, ELLE, LensKart, and many others to promote the inclusion of special talents in their marketing campaigns.  I feel they are very special and they do also have the right to showcase and follow their passion that is what Unique is Beautiful is all about and through us and through these collaborations we not only provide exposure to talented individuals but also send a powerful message to society, encouraging acceptance and celebrating diversity.”

“By featuring individuals with special needs or autism in high-profile advertising campaigns, We aim at breaking barriers and promoting a more inclusive world.”

Abhishek Golecha’s “Unique is Beautiful” platform surely is applaudable as it is a powerful tribute to the transformative potential of art and creativity. Also, through this groundbreaking initiative, Abhishek is creating opportunities for these exceptional individuals as well as challenging societal norms, thereby inspiring a more inclusive and accepting society. As they continue to embrace diversity, platforms like Unique is Beautiful help us remind that beauty has no bounds and that every individual deserves to be celebrated.


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