We actually played the game Mafia to understand the context of the story: Actress Madhurima Roy

Glamorous Actress Madhurima Roy who has played notable roles in Criminal Justice, Little Things 3, Inside Edge 2 , Four More Shots 1 , Code M and was also seen in feature films like Judgemental Hai Kya and Zoya Factor . She is currently seen in Zee 5 series Mafia playing a prominent role.

On talking about preparation for the character of Tania she says , “My director and producer spoke to me in length about who she is, where she comes from, what are her strengths, weaknesses, what makes her vulnerable, all of it. I usually tend to merge a little of the character and my own characteristics and see what resonates best. As we began shooting, I discovered a lot of Tania too in me and that’s what made it more exciting.This was my first webseries as a bilingual that is Hindi and Bangla. Bangla as a first. Even working with my colleagues from the Bengali film industry was a very enhancing experience for me. Worked with a bunch of supremely talented actors and learnt a lot every step of the way.The script switches between two timelines so it was imperative to know the story to the tee. To top it all, we lived in a forest, in the outdoors, amidst wild animals, it was a very thrilling experience for me. Definitely something I would reminisce and cherish.”

On sharing about behind the scene moments of Mafia she adds, “One really exciting memory was the day we actually played Mafia post shoot one night.While we started playing it, we all realised how psychologically testing and exciting the game gradually becomes. You tend to know the best and worst of thought patterns of one another. It helped us understand each other better and gave us a way clearer context of the story. Another memory would be the day we got to know that there was a cheetah on the prowl around, in the jungles, we were so scared and yet enticed by the idea of it, it kept us on tenterhooks.


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