Vikram Singh Rathore, a young and upcoming actor and model

Vikram Singh Rathore, a young and upcoming actor and model, has recently bagged a major acting project in AltBalaji’s ‘Ragini MMS Returns 2’. Vikram talks about his struggles as a model and then as an actor and what inspires him

Tell us about your journey.
It’s been around 12 years into modelling and acting. During the initial years, I was studying and after my studies, when I was struggling, I did various full-time and part-time jobs. To be precise, I did eight jobs. But alongside that, I was doing ads and episodic shows. Once I was sure about my presence in the industry and felt confident about my work, I left my job and started working as an actor. Now, I am fully focussed on acting

How has your stint in modelling helped in your career in acting?
I used to appear in almost 100 auditions for different ads every month. That boosted my spirits. Also, I got to see different actors around me. I started working on myself in different ways, on my personality, on acting skills and on my mental framework too. With that confidence then, I started appearing in auditions for TV and films.

What is the difference between acting on camera and acting in advertisements or modelling?
Both don’t have much of a difference. As an actor, I go through the same process for whatever projects I get whether it’s for ads or TV or films. Still, advertisements are shorter. So the involvement with the character is different. Modelling on ramps and for prints have a completely different process.

What are the challenges a model faces when he starts his acting career?
There are a lot of questions which go on in an actor’s mind when he starts his career. Things like ‘where to audition’, ‘How to work on yourself to become a better actor’, ‘Which acting institute to learn from’ etc keep bothering the mind. So, when an actor starts his career, he is confused. If he/she isn’t from the film background, the lack of knowledge about the industry is the biggest challenge an actor faces.

What projects are you presently working on?
I was working on Ragini Mms Returns 2 for the last eight-nine months including two months of workshops. So, it was quite hectic. Now, I am planning to take a small break to work on myself and after that break, I will start auditioning.

How did you come into acting and what motivates you?
During school and college days, I used to do print ads and was also associated with theatre. So slowly and steadily, my interest grew and I started giving auditions. I started getting work and I worked on myself. I started taking acting workshops. Interest turned into a passion and the same passion worked as a motivating factor.

Tell me when you had some difficulty in playing a character. What was the role and why was it challenging?
Playing a vulnerable and innocent character is the most difficult thing and also playing a much younger character is difficult. So, when I got a character to play in Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai on Sony as ‘Sanjay Tibrewal’, it was difficult. Because this character was a 16-year-old geek who is also innocent and inexperienced. It was challenging but fun. And I loved it.

If not an actor, what will you be?
Believe me I have tried eight different jobs out of which two were dream jobs for me in my childhood but I couldn’t even sustain them, just because of my strong passion for acting. With the education and experience I have, I can do many jobs. But I am sure I will finally come back to acting. So, there’s nothing apart from acting I am more passionate about.

How was your experience of working in the web series Ragini MMS Returns 2?
It was a wonderful to get an opportunity to work with Balaji production. As I said earlier, it has been around 12 years I have been working but after doing three TV shows, more than 10 episodic shows, 100s of TV ads and numerous print ads, still people don’t know much about me and with this one project, people started noticing me, following me on social media platforms and texting me for my work. I am loving this change and am working harder now. Apart from this, it was great working with positive people like Varun Sood, Divya Agrawal, Sneha Namanandi, Gaurav Alugh who are also highly motivating and are working hard for their goals. It has also been a learning experience.


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