RIP Mathew Perry: Broken, sad yet hilarious witty man Chandler will be an inspiration to many forever!

Mathew Perry as Chandler Bing in 2000s most loved series all over the world- Friends, was a character whom almost everyone loved. And it is amusing to know how people from different cultures, races, countries just fell for his charm and witty one liners.

It was perhaps a vulnerability in his character that every one could identify with. His quintessential trait of cutting a jok when he is uncomfortable- was something all of us could and can identify.Chandler was successful, intelligent, witty yet lonely.

This is again the audiences sympathize with. It was not surprising that a person like Chandler who feels broken inside because of his queer parental background finds a soulmate in Monica, who suffers from OCD.

Mathew Perry, aka Chandler will always remain in our hearts as a person who cracks jokes even when he is sad, and loves his friends dearly even when he is quite aware of their drawbacks.


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