How Chandler aka Matthew Perry Became Everyone’s Favourite

Chandler Bing from the very famous television series ‘Friends’ is a character with whom almost everyone can relate, probably differently than others, but surely can. There are countless reasons to love him, and you’d get those reasons in every episode of the all-time favourite series, but here are a few reasons I felt Chandler was the best.

Firstly, His wit and sarcasm. The way his dialogues were written seem to be especially designed to make-up for his character. He has the perfect one-liners and low-key jokes, which makes you wonder what goes on in his head. Secondly, his relationship with Joey- His deep friendship and commitment to his best friend Joey is something remarkable about his personality, as he goes all the way helping him in his career and becoming financially independent.

And lastly, his love for Monica- Chandler spent all his savings on his wedding just to see Monica happy, and from a photo of her on his desk, to being with her at all times, he can actually be termed as a really adorable partner.


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