Ridhi Dogra to make her Bollywood Debut in the Action Drama Lakadbaggha

Ridhi Dogra will be finally making her big screen debut as a leading lady with the Action Film “Lakadbaggha” opposite Anshuman Jha. The Film Directed by Victor Mukherjee – goes on floor this month & is written by Alok Sharma.

Having seen the peak of success as a Television Actor & in the OTT Space (With shows like Asur & Married Woman) Dogra has handpicked this project as her debut vehicle because of the team behind it & the issue which the film is trying to magnify – the animal trade industry. She will be seen portraying a Crime Branch Officer in Kolkata & has some serious Action sequences for which she has already begun training & work-shopping with Anshuman (Attached Image).

“When you set out to do the kind of work you wish to do, it finds you. I am not the kind of an actor who will simply jump to be a part of a film, it has to be meaningful, the process has to have some purpose. Which is why I have chosen “Lakadbaggha” to be my feature film debut. I have always chosen to pick teams with depth over the superficial things which are important otherwise. The vibe, energy & passion is important. And from the first moment I saw Anshuman talk about the film, I knew I wanted to be a part of his process because there was passion, conviction & clarity. He, as an Actor is so involved, that I wanted to be a part of that world he was so passionately envisaging. The icing on the cake is that the script has a Humane point of you. I am thrilled & relieved because this is the kind of work I wish to do & the kind of team I want to collaborate with. Very rarely does one come across an Action film whose story, at its core, is Universal & has heart. And this character – A Catholic-Bengali Cop, a bad ass cop, in Kolkata, very evolved & righteous, yet loving & passionate. I may have played a forensic cop before but this is very different – she takes things head on, she is incharge. She is a woman in power vis-a-vis a woman who is part of the team in power & that excites me. This character has empowered me in a way – training for the Action with Vicky & Anshuman. Also this character kicks ass (literally). I’m really enjoying the workshops & am looking forward to collaborating with Anshuman & doing Action for the first time & doing justice to it.”

Anshuman, who was last seen as a homosexual man in “Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele” opposite Zareen Khan has been training for 4 months in Krav Maga & the film is expected to have raw, street-fight style Action.


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