Poster Out- ‘Hanu-man’ Teja in Matching CarryMinati Shades

The makers of the superhero film ‘Hanu-man’ which stars Teja Sajja in the lead role, have released its Dussehra special poster today. In the poster, we can see Teja wearing glasses which matches the ones CarryMinati wears most of the time. He has a little scar at the end of his eyebrow, with his index finger on his medium long mustache.

The shades he’s wearing reflects Vinay Rai, with Ravana’s shadow behind him, making him look like the antagonist of the film. The title of the film has a ‘gada’ (lord Hanuman’s weapon) attached to it. All of the hints in the poster are making it look like this superhero flick is somewhere inspired by the events of the Ramayana.

This Pan India release is produced by Primeshow Entertainment, directed by Prashanth Verma and also stars Amritha Aiyer. The filming of this is long done, and is under the post-production stage. The makers are also planning a new promotional campaign of it soon. Its release date is 12 January, 2024.


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