Mugdha has changed her diet and looks a million bucks… That’s what we call evolving gracefully …

We can surely see the new Mugdha and she looks absolutely gorgeous and a decade younger… She has taken to a balanced diet and intermittent fasting n fitness like never before! the results are for everyone to see. She has combined yoga, meditation, chanting and pilates along with a great diet, no sugar and no gluten!!! To support performance and better health. The pandemic has affected each one of us in different ways and few take the positives out of everything and mugdha definitely is the one. She looks totally stunning not that she didn’t look that earlier but we could see a calmness grace and a focus like never before.

The actress says, “This is all my Spiritual Master ‘Tarneiv ji’s Grace & blessings… I’m evolving as a wholesome human being!!!
one must always keep faith and devotion and cherish this beautiful life and make their daily routinue exciting by doing what you truly love!
Also the body doesn’t settle in one format and we constantly evolving and getting better! I tried a combination of pilates, jogging alongwith ashtanga yoga apart from meditation and chanting!
More than anything I got to go inside, with help of my master’s grace HIS’ teachings and chanting of the mantra ‘Om Namoh Bhagavatey Vasu Devaya’ with this Divine melody channelled by ‘Tarneiv ji…

We need to exercise our mind and soul! This body is the most Tangible thing and what we eat, what we do and what we think is the the key here!
We all need to understand the requisites of our bodies and need to chart out a diet plan which supports performance and helps in healthy lifestyle!
The pandemic has been brutal and it’s the mental aspect which had taken a beating. So let’s offer our gratitude, get moving lets heal and evolve! When there is Grace’ of your ‘Master’ upon you anythg is possible…’

‘Gratitude is the Prayer’

  • Tarneiv…’

I truly follow this quote from my Master’s soulful poetry… ‘
This is my biggest blessing in life!

Mugdha is loving this new phase and pattern of lifestyle that she is living in. She is feeling exquisite and at the pink of her health. We wish her all the luck and love.


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