It’s Intriguing How Kim Kardashian’s Post Timings Wearing Gucci Coincide With Her Sister’s Recent Success With He Fashion House.

Kardashians are adept at grabbing media attention. After her sister Kendall Jenner and rapper Bad Bunny gained notoriety in the most recent Gucci campaign, Kim stole the show with a series of stunning images highlighting her beautiful form in a sparkling Gucci bikini.

The image marked the two’s Instagram debut, which wasn’t exactly a surprise. The couple wore wide smiles while flaunting their Gucci baggage.

As the faces of Gucci Valigeria, Kendall, and Bad Bunny attracted notice, Kim made a statement of her own and wowed her fans with her sense of style. Kim shared some night-cam-like pictures of herself on Monday, showing her relaxing in bed and exuding the luxury we’ve come to associate with the Kardashian family.

People have already voiced their opinions in the comment section on Kim’s post over the timing of her post, which is interesting.

We don’t know how Kendall feels about Kim’s photo shoot, but we surely aren’t complaining.


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