Fans Review: The Great Indian Family isn’t Gripping and is Too Lengthy ?

The Great Indian Family starring Vickey Kaushal and Manushi Chillar as the main cast just released today, but it isn’t getting that amount of quality reviews as it was expected from the trailer.

The film starts with Ved Vyas Tripathi’s life story from that of an average child and teenager to a singer and then eventually becoming Bhajan Kumar. The story then builds up his character, showcasing Bhajan as a spiritual person from the outside and something quite different from the inside.

Then the story takes a turn when his family receives a letter and they find out that Bhajan is a Muslim by birth. This incident changes his life for good as he belongs from a strict Hindu family residing in Balrampur. Talking about Manushi Chillar, who’s the love of his life in the movie has a small part in it. She did an average role playing a strong and independent girl. Talking about the rest of the cast, they’re of course brilliant actors- Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Kumud Mishra, Srishti Dixit and many more.

According to the reviews by the audience, the movie no doubt has many comedy punches and the acting of Vickey Kaushal is being liked by the fans as most of the movie is focused on him and his life’s story. But the only thing that’s not being liked is that the story is too lengthy and not gripping the audience as it should have. Some are even calling it boring, typical and pushed.

The Great Indian Family is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra’s Yash Raj Films productions.


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