Sehban Azim on his intimate scene in Dear Ishq: “ I was quite conscious doing a scene like that”

Jo pyaar likhta hai, kya pyaar karne ke kaabil hai? Disney+ Hotstar launched its latest romantic drama, ‘Dear Ishq’ to answer this. Set against the backdrop of an Indian publishing house, the platform brings to masses a tale of love, a journey with complex emotions, and at the crux of it, a story of two completely opposite personalities, who walk this simple journey of life, unknowingly falling for each other. Directed by Atif Khan and Produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik, Beyond Dreams Entertainment Private Limited, the show is streaming now exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

Recently, our favorite heartthrob and the supremely talented Sehban Azim had to shoot for an intimate sequence for the series. While he was conscious and skeptical about it, he left no stone unturned in acing it and making it look easy and natural. But well, the struggle was real!

Talking about shooting for this intimate sequence, Sehban said, “I was quite conscious doing a scene like that. Firstly I am a little shy doing such scenes and also I don’t have much reel experience on how to enact them. So, initially I said no to it until my director and the creative convinced me on the fact that whatever they will be shooting is the requirement of the story of the show and it’s not just a random scene to catch the eyeballs and also that they believe in shooting it aesthetically. They made sure everyone was comfortable doing the scene with minimal crew and experienced professionals and it was designed in a way that it was easy to shoot for us.”

Tune in to witness the brilliant performance of Sehban Azim on Dear Ishq now streaming from Monday to Saturday only on Disney+Hotstar


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