Kate Sharma is off to the new location to shoot for her upcoming song with Raghav Sachar

The sensational Kate Sharma is off to shoot her next. She is a huge one on social media and she would be shooting her next song with Raghav Sachar who is also the singer of the song. The song is produced under the banner Panorama Studios and if reports are to be believed, it’s a romantic track. Kate Sharma is a huge hit on social media, especially on Instagram. Her audience is always looking forward to see something from her and this is great news. The pairing is fresh and the talented Raghav would make a great onscreen pair with the hot and happening Kate.

We congratulated her and here is what she has to say, “Thank you very much. Firstly, I am sorry, I can’t reveal much as the shoot is still on. It’s a romantic track and people are going to love it. The lyrics are sticky and everyone is bound to remember it. I heard the song and absolutely loved it and it was an instant yes from my side. It’s been a tough day’s work today but I am fortunate and happy to be doing the work that I love. That is to entertain my audience who look upto me. Quality entertainment is a huge responsibility and it’s knife” edge. Love and light to all. Let’s be responsible and take care of one another.”

Those were lovely words and like she rightly said, quality entertainment is a knife” edge and one has to keep a balance. Kate is high on that and we wish her the best in everything.


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