Uorfi Javed Gets into Another Heated Argument at Mumbai Airport

Uorfi Javed, known for her distinctive fashion style, got into an angry argument with a guy at the Mumbai airport over his remarks about her clothing.

The former Bigg Boss competitor was observed exiting the airport in a green backless dress that was not too exposing when the guys commented on her appearance. “You are ruining the name of India and its citizens by wearing such clothes,” said the man in Hindi.

Following this episode, Uorfi, who was not going to let this go quietly, got furious and approached the man, telling him to mind his own business and asking whether his father was losing anything as a result of his concern for her clothes. As others laughed and videotaped the event on their phones, her friend stood by her and asked the man to mind his own business before getting him to leave the area.

When the video of the heated altercation went viral, her 4.2 million fans and haters expressed various feelings. Several individuals came out in favor of the actor, saying, “Uorfi belongs to India as well, every person has their own respect, Nobody respect belongs to anyone”, and “Girls are entitled to wear whatever they choose, It is their choice, and I support Uorfi.” Others, however, came out in support of the man “Respect for uncle”, “Uncle represents all of India, Kudos to uncle.” “You are my ideal.”

Although Uorfi is no stranger to controversy and trolling, she has already encountered legal issues due to her strange clothing choices and sense of style.


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