“Despite The Intense Rainfall in Punjab, Sehnoor is Ensuring That Each Member Receives The Necessary Services,” Adds Fasal Director Mehraaj.

Even though the persistent downpours presented difficulties, the team’s constant dedication and passion served as the impetus for creating this engaging series. The skilled Producer Sehnoor has been tirelessly leading the committed crew behind the much-awaited web series ‘Fasal’ in their efforts to produce outstanding work. Producer Sehnoor has been steadfastly supporting director Mehraaj and the project, making sure that all facilities are supplied and that the actors, cast, and crew’s welfare is of the first importance. This has allowed Mehraaj to devote himself to the project.

Director Mehraaj says, “Despite the downpours, we are filming to deliver the fans the best series. We firmly believe in the influence of good storytelling, particularly when it highlights the difficulties of strong women. We are grateful to our producer Sehnoor for her consistent support and care for the performers, cast, and crew of ‘Fasal’ because it is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. Even in difficult situations, she has made sure that everyone has access to all the facilities needed. Sehnoor has been with us on set during the filming and is keeping a perfect watch that no one should encounter any difficulties with. This behavior inspires each team member to work more fervently”.

Producer Sehnoor expressed her devotion to the project and the team’s well-being. She has been crucial in facilitating the shoot despite the persistent rain. The actors, cast, and crew deserve praise for their enthusiasm and commitment. We want to make sure that everyone engaged in Fasal’s creation is taken care of since we think the message it conveys is crucial. Our top concerns are safety and comfort, and we will keep offering the facilities and assistance that are required.

The series intends to raise awareness of gender equality, women’s rights, and the need for societal change as well as to start conversations about these topics. It is admirable that they are determined to break through barriers and produce a series that questions social standards, and they should be applauded for their dedication to fully encapsulating the theme of strong women.

Audiences are impatiently awaiting the premiere of ‘Fasal’, a web series that promises to be a captivating examination of women’s resiliency, courage, and empowerment. The entire team’s committed work will enable FASAL to have a lasting influence and motivate societal change.


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