Jyoti Saxena – Beauty to me is more than just a pretty face and perfect Body

Bollywood actress Jyoti Saxena is a person who speaks her heart out be it about the social cause, Mental or talking about the film which is worth appreciating. Jyoti Saxena is herself a professional Kathak dancer and has mastered the art of classical dance in Jaipur Gharana. Jyoti has recently appeared in the hit song “Khoya Hun Main” for which the actress received an amount of love and appreciation from the audience.

Jyoti Saxena always believes in inner beauty as more than just an appearance. The actress said, “Beauty to me is more than just a pretty face, perfect skin, and a perfect body. Beauty comes from within, it is the whole package, a person’s personality, the values they possess, the way they think, their social skills, etc., Beauty is not skin deep, as they say, it extends far below the surface, the things that make a person beautiful cannot be seen with the eyes, it must be felt with the heart. Achieving your goals is a success to me. Anything which brings me happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and progress, is success to me.”

Talking about work, the actress is working hard on her character as she will be seen doing an action sequence for which she is on her strict workout routine. Jyoti’s Bollywood debut will be shot in Dubai. The actress recently said that she would like to work in the South films Industry.


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