“Wherever practicality is needed, Vipul Sir is there and wherever emotionality is needed Mozez sir is there”, Says Vishal Jethwa for both of his directors of Human

The upcoming Disney+ Hotstar Specials ‘Human’ has been making headlines all across! Human is a medical thriller set in India and based on human medication trials. The series stars Shefali Shah, a National Award-winning actor, and Kirti Kulhari, a versatile actor, as well as Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava, and Mohan Agashe, among others. With a thrilling tale of murder, mystery, passion, and manupilation, the suspense thriller Human reveals unexpected truths of the world of medicine and its effect on individuals. The Disney+ Hotstar Specials series was written by Mozez Singh and Ishani Banerjee and directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh. Vishal Jethwa plays a pivotal role in the series and had a blast filming it.

Vishal Jethwa enjoyed working as a director with both Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh and gained a lot from them. “After working with Gopi Sir on Mardani 2, I believed there was no other cool director,” Vishal Jethwa says of Vipul Sir, “but when I worked with Vipul Sir, I realised he is so so so easy to deal with, not only as Vipul but also as Mozez Sir.” I adore the pairing of these two filmmakers because Vipul Sir brings practicality to the table, while Mozez Sir brings emotionality to the table. That’s why I enjoyed the bifurcation, because Vipul Sir directed the first two or three episodes of Human, and Mozez Sir directed the remaining five episodes. So this combination appealed to me since it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with such talented filmmakers on a single project.”

We can’t wait to see the complete fascinating storey of Human, especially since the big revelation is only a few days away!

Despite catastrophic side effects, a pharmaceutical behemoth is taking advantage of India’s loose clinical trial guidelines to speed up the development of a new medicine. Meanwhile, Dr. Saira Sabharwal, 35, wins a dream appointment at Bhopal’s best hospital, where she will be mentored by the legendary 45-year-old Dr. Gauri Nath. Saira matures under Gauri’s guidance, and the two women begin to bond over their shared commitment to the medical cause. A surprising discovery, however, throws their lives into disarray as their storey becomes entwined with that of a young migrant worker, Mangu (20 years), who is poised to wreck havoc on the medical system.

In a compelling story about innocent lives lost to avarice, the fictitious series enunciates the collateral damage caused by fast-tracked drug studies for commercial benefit. Human explores interesting issues such as the value of human life, medical negligence, class division, and the implications of a fast-paced medical science in a compelling story of power struggles, mysterious pasts, trauma, and murders.

Starring actors Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari, Human will be available on Disney+ Hotstar from 14th January 2022 onwards


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