The year 2021 saw some incredible breakthrough performances by artists across platforms and in Hindi cinema

The year 2021 saw some incredible performances by artists across platforms and languages. With content consumption increasing to unparalleled levels, our actors and actresses have created new benchmarks through their stellar roles.

Adarsh Gourav
To start with, first on the list of breakthrough performers of the year is none other than everyone’s current favorite, Adarsh Gourav. Adarsh as Balram in The White Tiger created a persona the world has come to love and appreciate. His honest portrayal of the brutal yet vulnerable Balram fetched him a BAFTA nomination too.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Next on the list is the super talented Samantha Prabhu. Her portrayal of woman member of terror outfit in Family Man 2, someone who goes miles and gives up her life to achieve her goal was an absolutely convincing performance. She looked the part, walked the talk and has created history through her work.

Wamiqa Gabbi
Wamiqa Gabbi is another name that requires a mention here. Her role as Manu in Disney Hotstar’s Grahan have the actor an opportunity to showcase her mettle among stellar artists such as Pawan Malhotra. She has etched the character of Manu in the audience’s hearts forever.

Anshuman Pushkar
Anshuman Pushkar had an amazing 2021 with two releases, Grahan and Kathmandu Connection. Each one saw the actor deliver two different characters set in two separate periods in time. Both his performances have made him a sought after name in the OTT space.

Sunny Hinduja
Sunny Hinduja’s portrayal of an IAS aspirant in TVF’s Aspirants or his role as a cop in The Family Man 2 has given the actor an opportunity to show two absolutely opposite characters on screen. While he is the focused but unsuccessful Sandeep bhaia in Aspirants, his role as Milind in Family Man 2 showcases his action oriented side. He is docile in one while being a hard taskmaster in the other. Both the roles have gone on to make him a household name among viewers.

Drashti Dhami
Last but not the least is the very beautiful Drashti Dhami’s portrayal o Khanzada Begum in The Empire. Raw, fiery and fiesty, Drashti Dhami has gone on to surprise her fans with this one. She has never been seen in a role such as this which is what made people sit up and take notice. As a woman in an era where they had little or no say, Drishti goes on to portray the courage and inner strength of a princess who will do all she can to save the empire.


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