South Indian Star Suriya Sent His Condolences To a Supporter Who Died In a Car Accident.

South Indian star Suriya sent his condolences to a supporter who died in a car accident.

Aravind, a fan of Suriya from the south, died in a car accident, and the actor went to his home to express his condolences. The actor went to the young fan’s home in Chennai’s Ennore neighborhood. Suriya pledged to help the distraught family after expressing his sincere sorrow to the parents for their loss. Aravind was also a part of his fan club.

The Jai Bhim actor frequently displays concern and care for his followers, and this time, his gesture of kindness for the fans won over many people’s appreciation.

Social media has seen several pictures of Suriya visiting the fan’s home. His fan clubs have distributed the images. Suriya can be seen in one of the pictures standing in front of the fan’s framed portrait with his hands folded. Additionally, the actor may be seen engaging with the family.

Suriya has a huge fan base both in South India and throughout the rest of the world. He is well renowned for his numerous charity endeavours in addition to being a talented actor who performs socially significant roles. He has won over a larger audience with his support of environmental, medical, and educational concerns.

Suriya is now immersed in the filming of his eagerly awaited Siva-directed pan-Indian project, ‘Kanguva’, on the professional front. It’s important to note that Suriya is slated to play two roles in this movie, with Bollywood actress Disha Patani playing the role of the female protagonist. The movie ‘Kanguva’, which will be released in both 2D and 3D versions and in ten different languages, is being billed as Suriya’s most costly effort to date.


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