Review- School Of Lies is a Must Watch !

The drama, mystery, and thriller series ‘School of Lies’ was released on June 2, 2023, and is getting an excellent response from the audience. The series starts with a boy named Shakti who runs away from his boarding school. Then the movie turns its focus to the two boys, Vikram and TK, who wanted to have an outing but their money got stolen, and they put the blame on Shakti. Then comes Samuel sir, who’s their head, and Nandita ma’am, who’s their counsellor. The series goes on to show two timelines simultaneously.
It is surely a must-watch and has so many plot twists that you’ll just end up binge-watching it. Covering topics like the harsh reality of child abuse, it’s thought-provoking as it will give you an insight into what goes on in the minds of teenagers as well as kids when they make bold decisions like running away, even murdering, and so on.
You’ll surely end up crying, as the end is also something you’d not expect. It would end where it had started, so make sure to watch the beginning with a lot of concentration.


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