Review Bloody Daddy: Shahid shines through this action flick

This movie ‘Bloody Daddy’ talks about a sour yet beautiful father-son relationship which in itself a complex subject. Add to it thrill and action- and you have a gripping flick!
The film has been shot in Delhi-NCR. The main part of the movie has been shot in a hotel only, and revolves around one long night.
The movie is engrossing and you wouldn’t flinch for a second.

There’s a cop (Shahid) who’s illegally dealing with drugs, is somewhat irresponsible and manages to steal a bag of 25 drug packs, but then his son gets kidnapped and the kidnapper asks for the bag of drugs which is worth 50 crore rupees. The son thinks that his father doesn’t love him, but the father ends up fighting everyone to save his kid.

The background score in the movie is neither too dramatic nor too simple, but sometimes it even gives goosebumps. There are multiple beautiful shots and the camera worked best with well designed action scenes.

Shahid Kapoor once again gives a mind-blowing performance.
Other actors- Ronit Roy, Sanjay Kapoor, Sartaaj Kakkar, Diana Penty are also impressive in their respective roles.

The movie covers minor details which are fun to watch. The movie typically follows the OTT rule and keeps you engrossed till the end, and wanting for more. (read sequel) at the end.

Briefly, it’s a must-watch for people who love action flicks!

Star Rating:- 4/5


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