Pooja Hegde’s Adorable Response to a Food Question during the Rainy Season Warms Our Hearts

Pooja Hegde, through her performances and appearances, has consistently made a mark. Both among her admirers and the paparazzi, the actor is incredibly well-liked. In their interactions with celebrities, whether on red carpets or in airports, Indian paparazzi are well-known for being charming and amusing. Pooja was recently seen leaving for an event in Hyderabad and was polite enough to pose for pictures when she was caught at the airport.

A photographer asked Pooja in jest as she was walking through the airport about her preferred meal to eat during the rainy season, which was either Kanda Poha or Kanda Bhajiya. It’s always Bhajiya, Pooja said, grinning broadly in response. Through this endearing encounter, it was made clear that Pooja Hegde and her followers both adore Bhajiya and that everyone enjoys her company because of the way she treats photographers and other people.



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