Nora Fatehi reminisces about receiving advice on becoming the “next Katrina Kaif,” with suggestions like “take on lead roles in films and avoid excessive exposure.”

Despite starting from humble beginnings, Nora Fatehi has carved a remarkable niche for herself in the film industry. Coming to India without knowledge of the language, she received valuable advice on shaping her career based on the success of Katrina Kaif, who was dominating the industry at the time. Speaking to BBC Asian Network, Nora shared the guidance she received during her early days.

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“I arrived during a period when Katrina Kaif was taking over, and our appearances were not vastly different,” Nora expressed, acknowledging, “So, I didn’t feel insecure about being an outsider. I’m not Caucasian or a white girl. Ultimately, I am a North African Moroccan woman, and there are many Moroccan girls who resemble Indians, and vice versa. We share a significant genetic similarity.” However, Nora did admit feeling insecure about not knowing Hindi when she first arrived in Mumbai. Consequently, she made a deliberate effort to learn the language, considering it a gesture of respect for the country that has provided her with so many opportunities.

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“The realization struck me when many people said, ‘Do you aspire to be the next Katrina Kaif or a major star in this industry? Here’s what you need to do: star in lead roles, avoid excessive exposure, keep a low profile until you have a successful film as a heroine. Once that happens, everything will fall into place. Brands, deals, and renowned actors will come your way, and then you can explore songs or TV shows.’ But that comes later,” Nora recounted. However, Nora acknowledged that she did not have the same privileges and couldn’t strictly adhere to this formula. Her journey began as a contestant on Bigg Boss, followed by a series of chart-topping songs in popular films. Notably, she has also showcased her acting prowess in movies like Bhuj: The Pride of India and Street Dancer 3D. Nora further revealed in the interview that she has four films lined up for the future.


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