“I’m very surprised to share that I’m getting positive responses”, says Andaman writer actor and producer Anand Raaj

Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Tailang and Anand Raaj starrer film Andaman gives hope to independent film makers through its unique distribution plan. Helmed by director Smita Singh and produced by 8 Pillar Motion Pictures, the film released independently on open theatre platform after facing release hiccups.

Director Smita Singh and writer actor Anand Raaj gets candid about their unique distribution plan.

Writer, actor and producer Anand Raaj says,”This is very special and unique distribution plan which we have created after constant failure of ideas and rejections from production houses. Finally we came up with the new idea where audience can also become the profit partner and earn money after watching the film. We were always been asked why one should watch our film as it doesn’t have big name. So then we came up with this idea which will involve our audience as brand ambassador. This will attract them towards the film. But marketing this idea is a real challenge for us. But I’m very surprised to share that I’m getting very strong and positive responses. I think I’ll have to strengthen and improve my website as the traffic is constantly increasing.”

Sharing about the same Smita Singh says,”I have always seen independent film makers facing helplessness in releasing the film and making it reachable to the audiences. I think this is a new way out for new film makers. Andaman film’s unique distribution plan is giving hopes to new film makers. I’m extremely grateful on receiving rave reviews from audiences and critics which was very unexpected for my first film that too in an independent platform.”

Singh further added,”The film talks about a failed IAS aspirant who is going through a lot while working as Panchayat Secretary in Bhulanpur, who is made the “In-charge” of its quarantine centre. As Panchayat Secretary, he is made to know his position in the hierarchy by the local politician and create hurdles in his path. I’m getting a lot of positive responses in last 3 days from all over and how they are relating themselves. People are liking the film and also supporting us to propagate the film to others. So I feel this is a kind of a successful model that can help new filmmakers to get rid of the feeling of helplessness in terms of releasing their film. A lots of people are earning through this film which I’m actually happy about.”


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