Deepika Padukone’s school days photo viral, fans were shocked to see!

Deepika Padukone is seen wearing school uniform in this picture.

Deepika Padukone, one of the top actresses of Bollywood, is very active on social media during the lockdown days. During this time, she is constantly sharing with fans and sharing her glimpse of her personal life. Meanwhile, a picture of Deepika Padukone’s school days is becoming quite viral on social media. In this picture, Deepika Padukone is seen smiling in school uniform. At the same time, it is clear in this picture that Deepika has changed a lot since school days, the fans are also surprised to see her looks.

This memorable picture of Deepika Padukone has been shared on Instagram account by one of her fanclubs. This picture of Deepika seems to have been taken during a school event. Smiling Deepika looks quite different in this picture. On this photo, it has not been told by the fan club when the photo has been taken, but it is estimated that a picture of someone from their school days has been told. In this picture, Deepika is seen in school uniform. The people seen in the picture are probably his teachers. See this picture going viral here

Fans are getting strong reactions to this picture of Deepika. Everyone has liked the picture of Deepika’s school days. This is the reason that this photo is becoming very viral on social media. At the same time, Deepika herself is seen sharing many childhood pictures on her official Instagram account.

Like other celebrities, Deepika Padukone is spending quality time with husband Ranveer Singh during the lockdown due to Corona virus. She is seen making fabulous dishes for her husband. Deepika Padukone is seen sharing her glimpse of her personal life on social media during the days of lockdown.


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